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“I’ve been a people person since I was a young girl… When I look back at all the jobs that I’ve held and the businesses I’ve owned, I can see the wide variety in the types of work I’ve done. However, there is one thing that stood out in all these experiences; I love working with people. Especially people that find themselves in challenging situations. 

My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We began looking into senior care shortly after we were first married but held off while we raised our family and worked more traditional jobs. The desire to work in this field has never left our hearts though. 

In my teenage years my family cared for my paternal grandparents who were in their late 80’s for over 7 years in our home. They had poured themselves into my life as a little girl and though it was not without challenge, I had the privilege of caring for them in their last years. I got to watch my grandma, who had suffered a significant stroke, teach herself to write and paint left handed. (At age 82!) She never complained or lost her plucky spirit, though she found herself confined to a wheelchair and far less independent. I had the experience of watching my grandfather suffer with and struggle through the various stages of aphasia. We slowly lost him over the years as he struggled to speak with us. Though he had lost the power of speech and the ability to communicate, I got to watch up close as his care and concern for my grandma never faltered. 

Tara Anderson

But through all that, we got to hear all the family stories over and over and see the richness of the life-tapestry they had woven together.  Don’t get me wrong, being the primary caregivers for so long was really taxing on my mom, especially as she bore the brunt of much of the work, but us four siblings got to watch the faithfulness and respect my parents showed in caring for grandma and grandpa. 

After my paternal grandparents had passed away, my parents again opened our family home to my maternal grandma. She had been the primary caregiver for my grandpa that had suffered a debilitating stroke. She faithfully cared for him for 4 years in her home before he passed away from the stroke complications. She remarried and lived a very happy 10 years with her husband until he was lost to the ravages of Alzheimer’s. By then Grandma was no longer able to live independently and she moved in to the family home. Over the years, she began to experience the chronic infections, confusion, and eventually dementia as well. Again, my parents and extended family were so faithful in caring for her daily needs. They provided the dignity and respect that she deserved and she lived all but her final months in our home.

Through those formative experiences, I had the opportunity to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of aging, up close and personally. I got to see so many of the common struggles and ailments of aging and I got to bear those burdens alongside my loved ones. That cemented for me, the joy that can be found in loving and serving well, the vulnerable and dependent population among us. While my path to Majestic Rose was not a straight one, all the little stops along the way brought a wealth experience and background of service that has made the transition to Majestic Rose a joyous one!

I truly count it a privilege to work alongside my staff, planning healthy meals, coordinating care, and paying attention to the littlest details that make all the difference for our family residents."

Thank You

Tara Anderson

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