Majestic Rose

Memory Care And Assisted Living In Gilbert Arizona

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Our Senior Care Home

Focuses on Familiar Faces and Warmer Spaces.

We help families achieve peace of mind by providing their elderly loved ones with a nurturing, home-like environment in our assisted living facility. Rather than a large, impersonal institution, we offer a close-knit community where warmth and familiar faces enrich every day. 

Our home makes it easy for you to visit often. We prioritize a small-community atmosphere, where residents can engage in stimulating activities and enjoy home-cooked meals daily. At our assisted living center, we commit to more than just providing a living space; we strive to create a thriving environment filled with care, comfort, and companionship that feels like home.

Gilbert, Arizona

Memory Care in a Place That’s Practically Home. ♡

Our mission:

Our mission is to love each of our residents well. We help them live with dignity by providing a comfortable, caring and lively environment. Our caregivers are the heartbeat of our home, cooking delicious meals, assisting with daily living needs and interacting one-on-one with each of our residents.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care for all our residents. Our staff will go the extra mile to ensure all the residents we care for feel like family with us, providing the best care possible. We have an average caregiver ratio of 3:1, so you can rest assured your loved one will receive incredible care and attention. Our home care facility is staffed 24 hours a day, so our Gilbert, AZ residents can trust that their needs will be provided for.

Our caregivers understand that every family member needs a specialized level of care, which is why we take the time to support every resident. Our senior caregivers provide not only care and compassion but also a sense of comfort for all of the seniors who live within our Majestic community. Our caregivers are hard-working, self-motivated, compassionate, thoughtful, and care-focused individuals with a love for seniors.

We feature zero-transition flooring throughout the entire property, including our senior-safe showers. From the parking area to the covered front porch or anywhere within the home. Not only will they get unique care streamlined for their requirements through their Personalized Service Plan, but they will also have access to quality scratch cooking, prepared in-home, created to meet all their dietary needs with three meals a day, and any needed snacks. Our daily recreational and social activities are designed to make your loved ones feel closer to each member of our family. Imagine the possibilities of no home maintenance, no chores, and no boredom with our home care facility in Gilbert, AZ.

We know firsthand what it is like looking for a home that provides your loved ones with the care they need on a regular basis. It can be an extremely difficult process, but here at the Majestic Rose Senior Living in Gilbert, AZ, we strive to make what can be a hard time in life easier for everyone involved, including each resident, their family members, and caring friends. We invite you to see our community, where friends can become family.

Our Services


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Exceptional Amenities for a Fulfilling Life


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Comprehensive Medical Care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident.


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Safe and Secure Senior Living where every detail is designed with your safety in mind. 


A space for everything.

Located centrally in a quiet neighborhood with a family friendly environment.

Multiple common areas for quality relationships.

Outdoor space to bring your family for visits on cool days.

Home-cooked meals daily.

Real people.

Real stories.

Margie - Scottsdale, AZ

“I can’t thank you enough for the kindness, patience, tenderness and just plain goodness to Jim. We appreciate your kindness to my family. You all made our days better by comforting us and again comforting Jim when he needed it the most.
I know everyone will take this road one day, I can only hope it will be with the help of someone as caring as you.”

Doddie - Gilbert, AZ

“We are forever grateful for the patience and kindness afforded our Mother during a challenging transition for our family. We deeply appreciate the recognition of her individuality with dignity and respect. She is lovingly called "Mama,"to help her belong to the Majestic Rose family. We can't imagine how difficult it would have have been without the steadfast kind patient support we received. ”

Annette - Gilbert, AZ

“Nine months ago, my family realized we needed to find a new home for our mom.
When we recognized that she required care that we couldn’t provide, we began to do our “homework”. We considered in-home care, large, assisted living communities, and smaller care homes. Our decision was made when I contacted the owners of Majestic Rose and they welcomed us with open arms and genuinely compassionate hearts.
Our mom had been an independent, social butterfly! She loved spending time with her family and friends. We thought a larger facility might offer her more opportunities but realized that mom would be happier in a smaller, more intimate care home where she could see everyone daily and build connections. She needed the stability of seeing familiar faces of the caregivers to feel safe.
If you were to visit, you may notice that the home smells of tasty home cooked meals for the residents. You might see some residents playing checkers or working on a puzzle, while others are working on a project or coloring. Others might be outside on the patio or inside watching a movie. Majestic Rose has become a part of my family’s lives and we are very grateful for the love, patience, and respect given to our mom.”

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