"I can't thank you enough for the kindness, patience, tenderness and just plain goodness to Jim as he struggled that last week of his life. We appreciate your kindness to my family. You all made our days better by comforting us and again comforting Jim when he needed it the most."

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Our Care Home Team

Our goal at Majestic Rose care home is to help our residents age with dignity by providing a safe, comfortable and caring environment that continually meets their changing needs. Our care focuses on optimizing the mental, physical and spiritual health of each of our residents, while still maintaining a bright, cheery, family atmosphere - our team is central to that.

Rose Ontiberos

Rose OntiberosRose, the namesake and co-owner of Majestic Rose, is a Registered Nurse with specialized experience in senior care. A member of the American Association for Long-Term Care Nursing, and Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association (AALHA), Rose became a nurse because she wanted to help people, and she wanted a profession where she would be constantly challenged.

In nursing school, Rose learned the importance of embracing the physical and psychological well-being of patients. But she soon discovered that school was one thing, the real world was another; she still remembers her first day working as a nurse when she went home depressed and disillusioned thinking “Is this really what I want to do?” She became frustrated working in a nursing center because it was impossible to provide one to one care; the patient to nurse ratio exceeded 30 to 1. Although Rose could help her patients physically, and even developed close relationships with most of them, she still came home feeling slightly empty.

Rose’s inspiration was witnessing the one to one care that a hospice nurse was able to provide at the nursing home; “this is what nursing is all about” she thought to herself. A year later Rose became a hospice nurse; this gave her the opportunity to do in-home visits and to visit numerous care homes, both large and small. Rose immediately noticed the difference in the quality of care between smaller, more personal care homes with a low caregiver to resident ratio and a warm, family home environment versus the larger traditional, institutionalized nursing homes. In most of the assisted living homes she visited, Rose soon noticed some consistent flaws; flaws that could be improved upon with minimal changes.

Rose Ontiberos and Ted BeardenAs her career progressed, Rose stayed within hospice care but moved to an In Patient Unit which had a very similar nurse to patient ratio as a small care home. She soon found herself building relationships with patients and their families; this level of personal interaction greatly improved her patients’ emotional well-being, and helped Rose partially fill the void that she had felt in her other roles.

Sadly, the majority of patients that came to the unit were in their last weeks or days of their lives. Rose soon realized that to completely fill the void she felt, she needed to meet these patients earlier at a time when she could not only improve their emotional state, but also perhaps lengthen their lives.

That’s when she met June and her daughter Tina; they made such a great connection in the short time they had together that it motivated Rose to consider opening her own care home. One day Tina asked Rose “When are you going to open Rose’s Place?” and it was no longer a matter of “if” but “when” she was going to open her own care home, and fix the flaws she’d seen elsewhere.

Ted Bearden

Ted Bearden with residentTed’s motivation to owning and running a care home is a much more personal story. Ted had to watch his father spend the last months of his life in a large nursing home following an aneurism. Although his dad survived the emergency surgery, it left him unable to speak, leaving friends and family unable to tell if he recognized them.

Ted was saddened that his last memories of his father were in an institutional nursing home, rather than his own residence. Although well-intentioned, the caregivers just couldn’t devote their time to the emotional needs of the residents due to the imbalanced patient/caregiver ratio; they could only focus their time on the physical needs.

The emotional support was left to the families to provide; and in a time where most families are struggling to make ends meet with both parents working, such expectations are just not realistic.

Ted found that even when he did have time to see his father, he found himself dreading the trip, not because he did not want to see his dad, but because he didn’t want to see him in that nursing home.

That’s why Ted is putting his 20 years of management experience into making Majestic Rose a real "caring home", because he knows such a place would have been a much better solution for both him and his dad all those years ago.

Our Staff

Majestic Rose Care Home waterfallWhile Rose and Ted manage and run their Gilbert care home on a daily basis, they are supported by a team of state certified, English speaking caregivers who share their philosophy of wanting to help residents age with dignity by focusing on their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Our caregivers are more than just employees; they’re part of the family. We encourage them to input into the daily operations of the care home because a great idea can come from anywhere. Anything we can do to improve the home, our amenities, and the standard of care we offer our residents is welcome.

When we recruit, we look to recruit caregivers that will stay with us for a long time, helping to keep the atmosphere more family-oriented and stable.

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